Impact of Educational Apps on Kids

The influence of technology on education and children in the past few decades has been immense. Initially, education was equated with money and only those who could afford it got an education. However, things have changed and education for children, no matter the social status, is not a dream but affordable. All a family needs if to afford to purchase a mobile phone where they can download apps. Applications are making our life easy and fun. What’s more, there are learning apps for children that help them to learn new and interesting things. More applications also keep emerging at a fast rate as potent tools that can be used by pre-schoolers and junior school students as potent learning tools. This trend is growing at a rapid rate, and all people from different parts of the world are embracing it with open arms. The information that only used to be available only in textbooks is also available in textbook apps. From Mathematics to Physics as wells as other lessons – now you can get a learning application for each subject. Educational apps for children are designed in a way that the information offered is understood well only by them. While there are many apps available in the app store, selecting the most suitable one can change the way your child learns including the perspective they have about the learning process. Books tend to be boring and tiring for kids so if you replace them with moving animations and colorful pages, learning becomes much more fun. Listed below are the benefits of using educational apps to educate your child:

Naturally Interactive

Educational applications for children incorporate a broad range of interactive, attractive activities. Young learners will be glued to those small activities like spot the difference, word building, crossword puzzles, etc.  If your child is creative in nature, you can opt for the apps that have coloring origami or games. Educational apps offer more than textbooks – it’s a suitable way for your kids to expand their knowledge in other faculties.

Boosts Classroom Performance

By using mobile learning apps, your child can start securing better grades. The apps play a big role in strengthening your little learner with skills they can use to handle school assignments with accuracy. Moreover, whenever a child encounters some problems while working on any subject, he or she will search for information on their iPhone or Android app. The app can also help when it comes to preparing for classes in advance hence boosting the child’s levels of confidence.

24/7 Availability

In schools, children have to follow a certain timetable. However, mobile apps can be accessed whenever a child needs it regardless of the time. Unlike in schools, there are no schedules for accessing the learning application. All the child needs is to get a table or smartphone with pre-installed education applications. Often, the controls of such apps are child-friendly meaning your little one can use it without your assistance. Also, whenever a child needs answers to some questions, he or she can log on to the app to get the work done.

Learning Becomes Enjoyable

Kids tend to loath to boring routines, particularly with the homework. Class lectures are also monotonous too at some point. When you get your child acquitted to these learning apps, these complaints will vanish. Imaginative illustrations and entertaining graphics cannot be compared to the regular studying patterns children used to be subjected to before. They also don’t have a teacher who is checking on what they are doing, so they will feel at ease. That informal feel brought about by, and educational app propels kids toward enhanced learning results.


Educational apps are free from space restrictions. iPhone and Android devices have become a companion to both children and their parents. These devices are never left behind whether someone is at work or traveling especially when taking a long train or flight journeys. If your child has such a device, he or she can learn no matter where they are.

Staying Connected with Teachers

Although we cannot substitute a classroom teaching with educational apps, they are an extra add-on to conservative teaching techniques. By using the applications, students can quickly contact their mentors and teachers via emails, instant messaging or SMS’s. This means children can solve their doubts or any queries they may be having in an easy way. They need not wait until the next day to communicate with someone who can help while at school.

Sharing Gathered Knowledge

Most educational apps are have been integrated with networking platforms like Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook. Through these networks, kids get a chance to create virtual study circles so that they can share what they are studying with their friends or classmates. They can even conduct video hangouts and discussions. This facilitates the two-way knowledge transfer, and as a result, children become friends.

Makes Kids tech-savvy

Becoming tech savvy isn’t anything you can ignore in this era. Through educational apps, kids get familiarized with the basic features of tablets and smartphone. For instance, a five-year-old child can become Smartphone savvy because of being familiarized with learning apps. The apps also boost their confidence levels in case they happen to handle similar technology gadgets and tools.

Valuable Usage of Free Time

As a parent, you can remember how you always had a lot of free time while you were young. Most of the time was used up in useless pursuits. But now, kids can use their leisure hours to teach themselves something constructive on their educational apps. You don’t want your child to stay glued to the television or to take part in idle talk all day over the phone. Educational apps are a perfect substitute to wasteful internet surfing. This eventually instills a sense of discipline and control in children. These are some of the advantages mobile learning apps offer children and their parents too. Consider taking advantage of the opportunities technology is presenting today to ensure that your child gets the best education despite where they are. Download several educational apps depending on the needs of your child to start off their academic journey on the right foot.

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