C++, as we all know is an extension to C language and was developed by Bjarne stroustrup at bell labs. C++ is an intermediate level language, as it comprises a confirmation of both high level and low level language features. C++ is a statically typed, free form, multiparadigm, compiled general-purpose language.

C++ is an Object Oriented Programming language but is not purely Object Oriented. Its features like Friend and Virtual, violate some of the very important OOPS features, rendering this language unworthy of being called completely Object Oriented. Its a middle level language.

Benefits of C++

There are a lot of benefits that you will be able to enjoy when using the C++ language. Some of these benefits include:

  • The big library: since C++ has been around for a long time, they have a library that is pretty large. This is available for you to use so you can pick out the codes that you want inside of your script and save some time and even learn some new things. You can also create some of your own codes if you wish, but this library can be really helpful for the beginner who is learning and can make it easier than ever to get the code written.
  • Ability to work with other languages: C++ is a great language to use with some of the other programming languages out there. This makes it easier to really work on the projects that you want because you can add in the parts that you like from different coding languages and combine them together to get something really amazing.
  • Works on many projects: most other programming languages are going to focus on just one or two little projects. For example, using JavaScript means that you are just going to be working on websites. But with C++, you are able to use it to help with a lot of different projects. Whether you are looking to work on a website, looking to create a new program, or do something else with programming, you will be able to do it with the help of C++.
  • Fast and reliable: if you have used some of the other coding languages that are popular in the past, you will find that sometimes they aren’t the most reliable. Information may slip through or they won’t start working the way that you would like. If you want something that works the first time and is reliable, then it is a good idea to go with C++.
  • Offers a lot of power: those who like to work in programming and want to have a lot of power in the work that they are doing will find that C++ is the right option for them to choose. It has some of the best power for the programming languages that are out there.

These are just a few of the benefit that you can enjoy when you are using the C++ programming language. It may seem a bit more difficult to use than some of the others, such as Python, but it has a lot of the power that you need and can work well with other programming languages. With a bit of practice, you are going to get all the basics of this language down and really enjoy what you are able to do with this programming language.


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