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How to Train and Get Trained Using Tutorials Domain

When it comes to learning new skills, most people prefer doing it online. It is flexible and convenient.With the right trainers and study materials, the impact and results can be the same as going into a classroom. At Tutorialsdomain, we have come up with a system that links trainers and students on an online platform that is easy to use and very convenient.

On our platform, the trainer and student can engage, teach and learn. Even though the training is online, the student can benefit from choosing a trainer, and a course of their choice and their trainer of choice will guide them through the entire class.  We make the process of learning and teaching a lot easier and more manageable.

Adding a course to the site

For a tutor to be able to teach and reach out to students, they need to register to our website and upload a course to their profile that students can access. The process for uploading the course is relatively simple and straightforward.

If a student chooses your course in an area that you’re familiar with, you will be notified. There are two primary methods of training that we offer. The first and perhaps the most common is the online learning where you will guide and teach the students via our site. The other option is one on one teaching. It is up to the student to choose the method of teaching they prefer.

How many courses can a tutor add?

Once you have registered to the site, you can quickly upload up to five courses. If you would prefer to add more, you need to join our membership program. The ability to add more courses allows the tutor to make updates and changes according to the current market. Ultimately, this also ensures that the student gets the best information and training based on the current trends and changes.

Once you’re a member, your courses will be readily available to students as soon as they sign up to the website. You can also add as many courses as you prefer and edit and update your current ones.

Can the student choose their tutor?

We understand that learning is not about having quality content and courses but also having a tutor who understands you and can adapt to your way of learning. We have prioritized the ability to learn by giving students who sign up to our website access all the relevant courses and tutors.

Accessing the courses is quite simple. After signing up, the student can go the menu bar and click on ‘COURSES.’ From the drop down menu the student can choose the course from their preferred category. Once you have selected the right category, all the courses under that category will be displayed. All you have to do is pick the one you feel attends best to your needs. The tutor that has come up with the course will be notified, and together, you can come up with a plan on how you’re going to take up the course.

Our goal is to match the student and their needs to a tutor that will be able to cater best to you. If the student is more receptive to the tutor, there’s no question that learning is going to be more comfortable.

How are the payments made?

Every course has a price tagattached to it. This gives the student have an idea of how much they will pay for the course. However, the terms of payment are agreed between the student and tutor.

We appreciate that finances might be constrained and we wouldn’t want you to miss an opportunity to build yourself because of lack of funds. By agreeing on payment methods and timelines, the student can better focus on learning as they make easy payment installments.

At Tutorialsdomain, we have an extensive collection of tutorials and courses that are tailor-made for students at every level of learning and in different fields. The hands-on approach that we take for both students and tutors guarantees quality learning and material for the best results. We aim to continue setting high standards in the online learning industry by offering quality and affordable learning materials to students.